Social Security Offices Utah

We've listed below all of the Social Security Offices in Utah. The links below will take you to the cities in Utah that show you all of the Social Security Offices in that particular city. Each listing includes a telephone number, location address, hours, and directions to the closest locations. If you'd like more information about the Utah Social Security Administration, please visit their primary website at A Utah Social Security Office can assign and manage the Social Security numbers that are granted to U.S. Citizens, and you can get a lot of things done at each of the local branches.

Utah Social Security Office Services

Any Utah Social Security Office has a wide variety of services that are available and monitored by the regional Social Security Office. You can get a lot of services from these local offices including applying for Medicare, getting help with prescription drugs, check on an application status, appeal a decision, obtain forms, read the latest publications, apply for a replacement card, submit a request for a card, apply for retirement benefits, apply for disability insurance, and lots of other services.

Things to Bring to the Utah Social Security Office Location

Depending on your situation, there is a lot of potential documentation that you should bring to your local Social Security Office. You don't necessarily need everything listed here, but the more information you bring the more smoothly your visit will go. Remember to bring the following items to the Social Security Office in Utah closest to you: A birth certificate or passport to prove your identity and age, something to prove your U.S. citizenship or legal status, a Social Security card proof of your Social Security number, proof of your current address, relevant documents to the program you're applying for, and acheckbook or bank information, and other payment methods if you're need to pay for something at any of the Utah Social Security Office locations.

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Social Security Offices In Utah: