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What To Do If I Lose My Social Security Card?

If you have lost your social security card and you are interested in replacing it, there is a standard procedure for doing just that. A social insurance card is required for getting benefits, for preventing fraud and more. If your wallet is lost or stolen it is possible to get a new Social security number card online using the my social security account request. This option is available if you meet a number of conditions:

  • You must be an 18 years or older and still have an active US mailing address.
  • You must not need to request a change to your card. This means that the new card you receive will be the same as your old card. You may not replace your card and change a name or change an address because this requires a different application process which will require you to go into an office. If you lost your card and you need to make changes it is always best to go into a SSA office to apply for a new card with evidence of the changes you need to make.
  • You must also have state issued identification that you can scan or present online to prove you are the one making the request. A valid drivers license or a state issued identification card can be scanned, copied and mailed or presented at an office to prove your identity.
  • If you have difficulty asking for a replacement card online you can visit a SSA office to show the required documents for the replacement process as well as prove your identity/ request changes.

Why is it so important to replace the card?

Replacement of a social security number is essential. Not only do you need a social security number to get a new job but you will require it to collect social security benefits and you may be asked to present it to use certain government services. Although you don’t often need to show the card, for some of the most important programs you may use it is crucial.

Keeping your card safe is essential

Carrying your card with you regularly is not a good idea. Keep your card safe and secure with other important documents and only take it out when needed. Make sure to keep your social insurance number confidential as well. Companies and entireties can often issue credit based on the score that is attached to your social insurance number.

If someone gets a hold of your social security number and places it into a credit card application they can apply for credit under a false identity and destroy your credit rating. Depending on your financial activity a line of credit from 1000-100,000 could be issued in your name or multiple bank accounts in your name. This can be tough to detect unless you regularly get a credit report.

In other cases illegal immigrants or scammers will place SSN numbers into a workplace system to ensure that they can get paid, for tax evasion or for avoidance of child support payments. These are common reasons to input a secondary SSN and you could potentially be involved with the investigation if you do not act fast.

If you suspect your SSN is stolen or lost, report it immediately.

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