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Is it possible to change a social security number?

It is possible to get another number assigned if the same numbers assigned to a family member are causing errors, it has been found that someone else has the same numbers, You continue to become the victim of identity theft, you have religious or cultural objections to certain numbers or there is a situation of endangerment that forces you into protection requiring the change.

A new SSN doesn’t mean the old one is destroyed, and if you require a new number you must apply in person, complete a special application and provide a concrete reason like the ones listed before as a reason.

What should happen if I think my card is being used?

If you are afraid someone is using your number, check your social security earnings record. If you see something that is wrong, consider reporting to the IRS, logging identity theft on the official government website, file a police report and order a free credit report to make sure you are not compromised.

Should I laminate the card to protect it?

Leave the card in the condition it was delivered to you. Laminating or altering the card can ruin its security features. A plastic removable sleeve is appropriate for protecting the card as long as the material does not damage it.

How do I change my work status?

To change the work status on your card, gather up the required documents, complete an application for social security card and then take it into a local office or mail it into a local office to change the card for your new work status.

Can I refuse to disclose my SSN?

Anyone can perform a refusal but a private business can also refuse to pay you if you do not give them your SSN. Banks, schools, private agencies and more may ask you but you only have to give them the information if you feel comfortable.

What if my IRS records and SSN number do not match?

If there is a discrepancy between your IRS records and SSN number contact the SSA office today between 7am and 7pm at 1-800-772-1213.

Can I change my gender on an SSN?

If you would like to change your gender on your SSN you must include a new and acceptable document which shows your new name, a recent photograph and proof of identity. State amended birth certificates, medical certifications, court orders or a new passport with your new gender are all acceptable documents you can use to change your SSN card too.

Is it possible to withdraw or cancel my SSN?

It is usually very difficult to withdraw from the SSA program as you will be responsible for paying taxes. Unless you are exempt by law from playing taxes or exempt under very specific cultural or religious circumstances, it is not possible to cancel an SSN.

How are the numbers assigned?

A social security number is randomly generated. This process has been used since 2011 and it limits errors in issuing.

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