What Are Social Security Survivor Benefits?

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Social security survivor benefits are an amount that is paid out regularly based off of how much a person paid into Social Security before they died. The more the person pays into Social Security, the higher the benefit amount will be for the recipient of benefits. Depending on the age and the type of benefits that a person is eligible to receive, a beneficiary will be named and the benefit will be given out to a widow or widower.

social security survivor benefits

Generally the widow or widower of full retirement age or older receives 100% of the deceased workers benefit amounts. This ensures that finances can remain secure even after a loved one passes.

A widow or widower at the age of 60 and not being of full retirement age will receive between 71% up to 99% of the deceased workers amount that they paid into.

A widower at any age who is carrying a child or has a child of the worker under 16 years of age will receive 75% of the benefit.

Other recipients of benefits could also be a single child under the age of 18 will receive 75% of the benefit from the worker or a dependent parent of a deceased worker age 62+ who will receive 82 1/2% of the survivors benefit or 75% if both parents are still alive.

Regardless of divorce a deceased widower or widow will remain the exact same.

In some cases was Social Security survivor benefits there are values associated with lump sum death benefits. The lump sum death payment of around $255 may be provided if a person meets the requirements of receiving benefits already from a workers record, or they became eligible for benefits upon the workers death. If you want to know directly if you qualify for lump sum payment you can contact a Social Security office through 1-800-772-1213.

There are limit values for what a full family can receive from Social Security benefit amounts. The limit does vary based off of income as well as the number of family members available. In some cases the family can receive between 152 180% of the basic benefit rate when a family member passes. Benefits can also be reduced proportionally if the overall sum of benefits which is paid out to family members as become greater than the limit.

Remember that there are also a number benefit calculators available online to calculate your potential spousal benefit or death benefit for family members.


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