Do I Still Receive Social Security If Someone Dies?

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One of the primary reasons of Social Security is the financial comfort of the dependants upon one’s demise from the surface of the earth. It implies that those who can receive Social Security are the individuals who are direct dependants or persons clearly nominated by the deceased when they were still alive.

social security death

Therefore, whether or not you receive social security if someone dies will depend on if you were a dependant or you were nominated by the deceased to receive the Social Security. However, there is an elaborate Survivor Planner to help people understand the different kinds of individuals who may be legible to receive Social Security when someone dies.

The following are the different kinds of people who may be entitled to survivor’s benefits-:

Widows and widowers

The following are the conditions under which a widow or a widower may be entitled to social security-:

  • When they are at the age of 60 or older
  • When they are at the age of 50 or older if disabled
  • When they are of any age and they are responsible for taking care of the deceased children who are below the age of 16 or are disabled.

Divorced widows and widowers

For divorced widows and widowers to be entitled to social security, the following conditions apply-:

  • If they are at least 60 years old and were married to the deceased for at least ten years
  • If they are at least 50 years old and are disabled and their marriage to the deceased lasted for at least ten years.
  • If they are of any age and they are responsible for taking care of the deceased child younger than sixteen years or are disabled.

Unmarried children

Unmarried children may also be entitled to Social Security, but they must fulfill the following conditions for them to be considered-:

  • They must be younger than 18 years or up to 19 years if they are still on elementary or secondary school on a full time basis.
  • If they are of any age and were disabled before they attained the age of 22 and have remained disabled.

Under special circumstances, the Social Security may also be extended adopted children, grandchildren, step grandchildren and stepchildren.

Dependent parents

If the parents of the deceased are at least 62 years old and they receive half support from the departed, they may also be entitled to Social Security.

One time lump sum death payment

A spouse or a child who meet certain requirements may be paid a onetime lump sum amount of $255, but they must apply for this payment within two years from the date of the demise of the deceased.


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